Guided Mediation for Anxiety: The Container

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If you’re exhausted from feeling anxious and nervous, you’re not alone. So many people struggle with anxiety. One of the many tools I use with my clients is learning a guided meditation practice. Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps to stimulate the part of the brain that can discern the difference between an anxiety trigger and an actual threat of danger.

For people that struggle with anxiety, their nervous system is responding to a trigger rather than an actual threat. Having daily mindfulness practices helps teach the brain to know the difference between a trigger and a threat and to respond appropriately, all of which soothes anxiety and helps you feel calm.

Following a guided meditation practice is a way to soothe anxiety and calm down. Join me in a guided mediation practice for anxiety below.

Guided Meditation Practice for Anxiety

Script for Guided Meditation Practice for Anxiety

Hello and welcome to the Practice of the Container

This practice is helpful for containing difficult thoughts, emotions, memories, feelings, body sensations, or anything that is particularly disturbing. This is a useful practice if you are in therapy for containing difficulties either in between sessions or in session when you stumble upon difficult emotions, thoughts or feelings.

So, to begin…

First… become aware of your breathing. Not doing anything to change your breathing at this point just noticing your breath. The natural inhale…and exhale. Just becoming aware…

And next, just do a little scan of your body and notice if you are holding anywhere…If you have any tension, or breath holding, or tightening anywhere in your body…and just begin to consciously let those places go. Letting go of tension…of holding, of tightening, or clenching…and just allow yourself to breathe into those places and intentionally let go…

Next we are going to begin the process of creating a container. So, the first thing I would like you to do is imagine a container that is big enough to hold difficult thoughts, emotions, memories, body sensations, or images…and with this container, I want you to imagine that there is a lid…a lid that can seal off these difficulties and a way to keep the difficulties in without them getting out. But also a way for you to open them, open the container…so that you can access them if you need to in the future. So some people have the idea of a chest, or a safe, or a tupperware container or some sort of box or container that they can imagine putting the difficulties inside…So once you have this container in your mind’s eye…I ‘d like you to practice seeing yourself opening the container and closing the container. Just to kind of get used to the imagery in your mind’s eye…

Next, I would like you to imagine a swimming pool…and on the top of the swimming pool there has collected a lot of debris. And I want you to imagine taking a pool skimmer and skimming the top of the pool, collecting all of the debris into the pool skimmer…and I want you to imagine emptying that debris into the container. And then closing the lid and just setting the container to the side. 

And now what I want you to  imagine is at the end of each day that you take a moment to allow all of the disturbances that happened throughout the day whether its traffic, an argument, a difficulty with a kid…or any particular challenge that you had throughout the day… I want you to imagine as if it is just like the debris that accumulates at the top of the pool…it’s kind of like that for the difficulty that is accumulated at the end of the day…and I want you to imagine taking that pool skimmer and skimming up all of that difficulty…you may have to skim through a couple of times… and collecting all of that debris and difficulty and shaking it off into the container, closing the lid to the container, and putting the container to the side… and knowing that in the morning, or at another time, or during your therapy session you can come back and pull the disturbing things out of the container if you need them but if you don’t, you can leave them in the container until a later time.

So let’s just take a few more moments here… to… take a few deep breaths. Inhaling in through the nose…exhaling out through the mouth. Inhaling...and exhaling… Inhaling… and exhaling…

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