Counseling services in Orlando, FL

Looking for a Counselor in Orlando? 

Fear, worry, dread, racing heart, racing thoughts, sweaty palms... Anxiety! It's exhausting. It consumes you, your thoughts, emotions, and body. Whether you are struggling with anxiety in your relationship, anxiety stemming from a past event or trauma, or just tired of feeling revved up all the time, I can help you feel calm, clear, and in control again.

My name is Lauran and I am a counselor in Orlando. I work with clients struggling with anxiety or relationships (or both)! My specialties include: 

You can click on any one of those above to learn more, or simply call me at 407-579-3779 for your free 15 minute phone consultation for counseling in Orlando.

I’d love to help you directly, even if that is just helping connect you with the best therapist for you! You can learn more about my training and how I help here.