Orlando Counseling Services

You’re flooded with thoughts, emotions, impulses, and anxiousness. You feel broken and drained from trying to manage it all. You’re lonely from avoiding people, but feel anxiety when you get too close.  You know this has everything to do with your childhood abuse and neglect. You’ve been trying to put it all behind you, yet you're overwhelmed by it. It’s like you’re reliving the past every day. You had no control over how you were treated as a child and now you feel powerless over the effects of it.

I will help you gain control over your mind and body again. I use EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to help my clients overcome the effects of a traumatic and neglectful childhood. My clients experience the freedom to enjoy peace and calm within themselves and closeness and connection in relationships.

Click here for your free 15 minute phone consultation for counseling in Orlando. It’s time to stop hiding and start living.