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Trauma Series (9).pngTypes of Counseling: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Orlando Counselor Providing Trauma and Anxiety Counseling

You’re frustrated, tired, and feeling out of sorts. You’re tired of beating yourself up for reacting like you do. You make resolutions to stop the emotional overreaction, but without fail, you continue to let yourself down. You’ve been in therapy before and you connected the dots. You understand the cause and effect, but you just can’t seem to the overreaction under control.

As Einstein said, “We cannot fix a problem with the same thinking that created it.” As a trauma and anxiety therapist providing counseling in Orlando, I focus my practice on providing clients with alternative therapies that provide healing at the root level. In session, we go beyond traditional talk therapy, where the focus is insight, and work to heal the wounds where the problem originated.

In my last several posts, I explored the alternative therapies I use that go beyond talk therapy. In this post, I explain how I use Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to help clients heal from anxiety and trauma.

Body-Oriented Therapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), is a body-oriented talk therapy, also called somatic therapy, and uses a bottom-up approach . While traditional talk therapy focuses on the story of the client, SP brings into account the emotional and physical state by asking, “How does the story show up in the body?” This is especially effective in working with anxiety and trauma because of the intense bodily reactions that occur such as, racing heart, shallow breathing, tense muscles, feeling light-headed, impulsivity, and hypersensitivity. The body is rich with information about how past events are being carried into present day through habituated posture, tension, facial expressions, anxiety, and shutdown. Through mindful attention, the body also holds the key to healing. Body-oriented therapies such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy trust that the body is constantly striving for wholeness and when attended and attuned to, will realize health and healing.


The body is always seeking homeostasis. This is evident in how the body regulates temperature, digests food, heals cuts and scrapes, and fights off infections. The same is true for the system of the mind, body, and emotions, which are constantly working toward health and wholeness. SP views the anxiety that is born out of a traumatic event as energy that is continually trying to resolve itself through a defensive action that didn’t get to happen at the time of the event. As an SP therapist, I help my clients complete this action in their therapy session, which would in turn discharge the energy, and decreases the anxiety related to the event.


In order to utilize the healing wisdom of the body, I invite clients to investigate their experience from a mindful place. Clients are encouraged to step out of the habitual way of thinking, feeling, and being, and start to notice, explore, and study all of their experiences. I invite my clients to be curious about how the constellation of their body, beliefs, and emotions are influencing their experience in the moment.

Mindfully exploring how the system of your body, emotions, and beliefs are working together to create your experience is preferred over simply talking about your experience. Mindful awareness leads to self-awareness, self-control and healing.

If you struggle with an undesirable patterned response, mindfulness slows all it all down so that you know why you are doing what you are doing and it can offer a road to healing.

Implicit Memory

Implicit memory is the way your specific history is stored within your mental, emotional, and physical state. If you struggle with emotional overreaction, panic, rage, emotional numbing, or unwanted relational patterns, exploring these patterns through a bottom-up approach will not only shed some light on why you do the things you do, but will also offer healing.

Implicit memories are triggered by an external situation (example, boss yelling at you) or a familiar internal landscape (example, feeling shame and hopeless and a collapse in the body) that reminds your brain and body of a similar difficulty from the past. If you feel out of control by one of your patterns, then your implicit memory has been triggered. Know that your automatic reaction to these things was born out of something challenging from the past. You don’t have to be a slave to your automatic response, you just need to do some deep diving work at the root level.

In my next post, I cover the specifics of using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to help with trauma, anxiety, and troubling relationship patterns.

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Lauran is an anxiety and trauma therapist providing counseling in Orlando, FL. She also specializes in helping people heal old broken relationship patterns that keep them from finding, creating, and keeping healthy relationships with partners, friends, and family. Lauran uses a down to earth approach infused with cutting-edge therapies that go beyond traditional talking to help clients feel calm in their body and mind and find peace within themselves.