Are you an EMDR therapist working with anxious clients and complex trauma and you feel like need more resources in your toolbox to get your clients ready for EMDR processing?

If so, does this scenario sound familiar?

A client calls you and is eager to try EMDR therapy with you. You too are very excited because you just know EMDR will help them feel better. You meet with them and realize that it’s going to take a bit more preparation than the standard protocol offers to get them ready for EMDR processing. Now you’re starting to feel pressure because they are looking for this huge transformation experience that EMDR offers, but you know you can’t take them through the process yet because they don’t meet the selection criteria for EMDR processing.

  • If you jump into EMDR processing too soon they won’t get the transformation they are looking for and will likely drop out of treatment.

  • If you don’t get them to a point where they can tolerate the EMDR process and experience transformation relatively quickly they will drop out of treatment.

What to do? Now, there’s more than one anxious person sitting in the office. Pause and breathe. Many clients that are seeking EMDR therapy will need additional resources prior to processing. It’s not uncommon at all. I have created a toolbox of resources for anxious clients to help them develop tools for down-regulating in the office and in between sessions that I would love to share with you.

During our consultation process, I will delve into your client cases with you so we can determine what is needed to help get each client get ready for EMDR processing. We will look at the client’s specific circumstances and develop personalized tools to expand their Window of Tolerance. I will show you ways to integrate somatic grounding techniques with EMDR to help anchor in their resources.

I offer clinical consultation packages to meet your specific needs. Contact me here to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.