Guided Mediation for Anxiety: Calm Place

Guided Meditation for Anxiety: Calm Place

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“I am so tired of feeling anxious all the time! I am not sure why I feel so nervous and have such a hard time feeling settled!” If you’ve said these words before, you are like most of the clients that call me for counseling.

Having a regular mindfulness and meditation practice helps to calm anxiety in a natural way. It brings online the part of the brain that tells the nervous system that you are safe now. If you have been struggling with anxiety, I recommend you start a mindfulness and meditation practice, as this teaches your brain and nervous system the ability to discern the difference between a threat and a trigger.

One of the first practices I teach my clients that are struggling with anxiety is The Calm Place. Please feel free to listen to this practice now, download it for later, or read the meditation script.

This guided meditation practice helps to calm anxiety and restore a felt-sense of safety in the body, mind, and emotions.

Guided Meditation Practice for Anxiety

Guided Meditation Script for Anxiety

Welcome to the Practice: A Calm Place

This is a helpful practice if you are feeling anxious or disturbed in some way. This is helpful in sort of resetting and allowing yourself to feel peaceful and calm.

I ‘d like you to start by bringing your awareness to your breath…just noticing the natural inhale…and exhale of your breathing. Just notice the flow of your breath…

Next… I’ d like you to bring your awareness to your feet… noticing your feet connected to the ground helps to feel settled and grounded. So noticing your feet… and if you’re wearing shoes… notice your shoes on your feet… and really allowing all of your awareness to come to your feet.

Next… moving up your body… just bring your awareness to your legs. Even feeling your legs from the insides… just really allowing your attention to go to your legs…and now moving up your body bring your awareness to your torso… noticing your clothing on your body…and even begin to notice the subtleties of your clothing moving as you’re breathing… really just becoming aware of your body right here right now. And now we’ll begin the imagery of the calm place…

So I’ d like you to bring to mind a place that you have either been or would like to go that represents somewhere that is very peaceful and very calm. Often times people pick a place in nature… like a river, an ocean, a hiking trail, a lake, a mountain… somewhere that you would either like to go or that you have been that feels settling and calming… and when this place is clear in your minds eye… I ‘ d like you to fire your five senses… So first in your mind’s eye… I would like you to look around this place and see the landscape… see the colors, the textures… notice if the sun is shining or if it is shady… becoming aware of what you would see as you look around. 

Next… bring awareness to the sounds you would hear. The sounds that are close up and the sounds that you would hear at a distance… really taking in any of the calming and soothing sounds that are in this place… and next I’ d like you to take in any scents that are in this calming place… if you are at the beach you might smell the salt water, the sea air, suntan lotion…so just take a moment to take in any of the scents that are in this calming place. 

Next… I’ d like you to take a moment and imagine what this place would feel like on your skin… are you under the sunlight? Or shade? Is it warm... humid? Or is it cool…and brisk? Is it windy? So just take a moment to really imagine what it would feel like to be in this place. And now… I’ d like you to just take another moment to absorb anything else that feels particularly calming and soothing from this calm place…

And we’ll close this practice with three soothing inhales and exhales… so inhale… and exhale…. inhale… and exhale…. Inhale…and exhale…

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