Inviting your Limiting Beliefs to Tea

Inviting your Limiting Beliefs to Tea

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Have you ever felt stuck and limited by an ever so sneaky little voice that tells you things like, “You don’t have what it takes to succeed.” “You’re not worthy of true love.” or “You don’t belong here?” If so, welcome to being human. The ugly truth is, we all have Limiting Beliefs. They hurt. They get in the way of relationships. They are the root of our emotional triggers. And they hold us back from reaching for our dreams.

So what do you do about them? First, know that limiting beliefs are born out of wounds from the past. They are not truths about you.

As an anxiety and trauma counselor in Orlando, one of the first tasks at hand is to help new clients uncover their limiting beliefs. I encourage you to do the same.

Invite them to tea and get to know them intimately. Know where they came from and how they continue to show up in your life. Know what they feel like in your body and what situations trigger them. And know your reaction when they have been triggered. Compassionately explore the history and the lineage of your limiting beliefs, so that you will know when they have taken the wheel.

Below is a list of limiting beliefs. Read over the entire list and then go back and pick about 5 of the limiting beliefs that it home. You will know it is a beliefs you struggle with if it feels like a gut punch when you read it.                                     


I cannot be trusted.
I cannot trust myself.
I cannot trust my judgement.
I cannot protect myself.
I am not safe.                                                                         
I cannot trust anyone.                                                           
I am in danger.                                                                        
I cannot stand up for myself.                                                    
I cannot show my emotions.                                                    


I am not good enough.                                                           
I am a bad person.                                                                    
I am permanently damaged.                                                 
I am defective.                                                                        
I am worthless.                                                                     
I am inadequate.                                                                  
I am insignificant.                                                                  
I am not important.                                                                
I am ugly.                                                                                
I am a disappointment.                                                         
I deserve bad things.                                                          
I deserve to miserable.                                                             
I am different.                                                                       
I don’t belong.                                                                         
I deserve to die.                                                                     
I am stupid.                                                                       
I am not lovable.                                                                     


I should have done something.                                              
I did something wrong.                                                     
I should have known better.                                                 


I am powerless.                                                                     
I am helpless.                                                                       
I am not in control.                                                                  
I am weak.                                                                             
I cannot succeed.                                                 
I cannot get what I want.                                             
I have to please others.                                             
I am trapped.

Intimately knowing your limiting beliefs allows you to know when a wounded part of your history has taken the wheel. When there is a history of anxiety and trauma, there are most certainly limiting beliefs.

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