Alternative Treatments for Anxiety: Yoga [Interview Series]

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Looking for Alternative Treatments for Anxiety?

Natalia T Galindo, Live Oak Yoga and Massage

Natalia T Galindo, Live Oak Yoga and Massage

Welcome to this blog series on alternative approaches for working with anxiety. In this series, I will highlight professionals and resources that help people that are struggling with anxiety feel settled and calm. Our third guest to be featured is Natalia T Galindo from Live Oak Wellness. She uses Yoga classes, Ayurvedic services and massage therapy to help people work through anxiety.

How, specifically, does your treatment help people struggling with anxiety? 

Yoga has multiple tools for anxiety. Although most believe yoga to be a physical exercise, yoga actually has 8 parts. Without getting too deep in yoga philosophy, physical asana is only one of those 8 parts. Additionally, the path of yoga includes breath, concentration, and meditation among others. Meditation, visualization, and focusing on breathing can help with letting go of worry and fear that anxiety elicits. The overall practice of yoga can create a  relaxation response, allowing both the body and mind to gain a sense of calm and ease.

What is the most effective way you help anxious people feel calm? 

Yoga classes in our studio include meditation, visualization, and focusing on breathing which can help with letting go of worry and fear that anxiety elicits. The overall practice of yoga can create a  relaxation response, allowing both the body and mind to gain a sense of calm and ease.

What type of transformation do you see in your clients that struggle with anxiety? 

Our students find physical benefits from the practice of yoga, most students come to relieve an injury or to prevent surgeries, or even directly recommended by their physicians. Throughout the class they find their muscles strengthening and lengthening but they also find a sense of community in the classes. Small community studios like ours create bonds between the students and the staff that keep clients coming back. 

How long, on average, does it take for people that struggle with anxiety to feel better? 

Yoga has been popular since the 70's and ever since then there has been countless studies on the benefits of yoga. The biggest take away from the studies is that the practice of yoga has to be regular. The daily 10-minute practice is more powerful than a once a week 2-hour practice and that is where the change is most noticeable. The length the practice can take for an individual to notice change can vary from person to person but the quicker and longest-lasting results are always with those who seek consistency. 

What motivated you to help people that struggle with anxiety? 

After going through my first Yoga training, I experienced such an impactful change in my own life that I knew I wanted to be a part of that movement. Not to say that Yoga is the cure-all, but once you experience the change that comes from the practice, it just effortlessly touches every other area of your life. The same studio where I started my practice and grew with a community was the one that became available once I was ready to lead and it has been my blessing to be able to continue with this community. 

How long have you been helping people overcome anxiety?

 I started teaching in Orlando in 2011 then joined the Live Oak team in 2012, finally becoming its owner in 2016. 

How should people contact you for your services?  

You may find me, Natalia T Galindo, at Live Oak Wellness offering Yoga classes, Ayurvedic services and massage therapy.


Phone: 407-212-2988 

Address: 2901 Curry Ford Rd, Suite 2, Orlando, FL 32806

More about Natalia T Galindo

Natalia has a degree in Medical Sciences from Florida State University. During her 200hour Yoga Teacher training in Orlando with the founder of Live Oak and mentor Shea de Oliveira, Natalia discovered the science of Ayurveda. Her existing love for natural medicine and science expanded and she left to pursue her medical studies in Karnataka, India KLE University. During her time abroad Natalia worked in medical camps throughout India, worked at a hospital, and spoke at the International Ayurveda in Lucknow India. She came back to the states with a new fire for wellness, balance and healing. The opportunity to be a part of Live Oak once again emerged and Natalia knew it was the perfect community to benefit from this service. Natalia is leading a 200 hour teacher training through DOSHA yoga, practicing Ayurvedic services and consults, a global speaker, and on the board of the Ayurveda Association of Florida AAF.

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